Keep Your Trees Green and Healthy

Keep Your Trees Green and Healthy

Call us for tree pruning services in West Nyack & Nanuet, Westchester County, NY and the tri-state area

Are you aware of the health of your trees? Did you know that sick and dying trees can affect the health of your property? If your trees aren’t maintained properly, they can fall and spread disease to your other plants. Timberline Tree & Landscape can prune your trees to:

  • Remove diseased or dead wood
  • Reduce the crown
  • Open the canopy to let in more light
  • Improve the air circulation to the underlying landscape

Our tree care specialists at Timberline Tree & Landscape are versed in the proper use of cabling and bracing to reduce the risk of failure. With these systems in place the result is gorgeous, healthy trees that can enhance and/or protect your landscape. 

Are you ready to make the call? Call 845-627-0186 today and speak to one of our certified arborists about your tree care needs in West Nyack, NY, Rockland County, Westchester County or Bergen County.

Do you know what condition your trees are in?

An ISA certified arborist from Timberline Tree & Landscape can assess the condition of the tree and recommend the appropriate course of action. Timberline Tree & Landscape is the trusted local and tri state source for maintaining your trees and property. Contact us today to schedule your commercial or residential tree pruning service in West Nyack & Nanuet, Westchester County, NY or the tri-state area.