Rockland County, NY Can Rely on Timberline Tree and Landscape Inc. for All Its Tree-Related Needs

The residents of picturesque Rockland County, New York, might not necessarily know that their county is named for its rocky terrain. That is still much in evidence today, especially along the Palisades. However, despite the rocky promontories not far off, many homeowners maintain gorgeous lawns with perfectly manicured grass. Often, you’ll see shady trees dotting the front and rear of their properties.

Those trees sometimes need some attention, though, and that’s when Rockland, NY residents can rely on Timberline Tree and Landscape Inc. We specialize in the following areas:

If you’re a Rockland County homeowner who’s having an issue with one of the trees on your property, you should call our family-owned and operated business with more than forty years of experience.

Why Use Timberline Tree and Landscape, Inc., Rockland County Homeowners?

Often, the late summer and autumn storms that blow in off the Atlantic can turn inland and wreak havoc on this part of the country. You might have lightning strikes that bring down large tree branches that are too heavy for you to move on your own.

We always handle branch and debris removal jobs quickly. We can also look at your existing trees and determine which ones are likely to pose a problem in the future.

Every tree care specialist on our staff knows what to look for and can advise you on the best course of action. We’ll always let you know if you can save a tree or when our tree removal service is the better option.

Our emergency tree services also extend to stump removal if you have an old stump that’s impeding your landscaping efforts. We can haul it up for you and tow it away without damaging the rest of the property.

Our arborists are insured, licensed, and certified, and they’re always a quick phone call or email message away. For more information, contact us.