Timberline Tree and Landscape Inc. Has the Experience Bergen County, NJ Can Trust

Bergen County, New Jersey has some of the most beautiful homes and lawns anywhere in America. Our residents love their properties and care for them, and you can see that anytime you drive through this part of the Garden State.

Tree care is one of more the more important elements of having your home or commercial property looking its best. However, since tree care can be a dangerous endeavor for those not properly trained, it’s best to leave the work in the hands of an expert. Timberline Tree and Landscape Inc. offers a variety of professional tree care services, including:

We can draw on more than four decades of tree care, and we can help you with all your landscaping and tree-related needs. Don’t settle for an inferior company that doesn’t have our background or expertise.

Why Tree and Landscaping Services Are a Smart Investment

We mentioned some of the violent storms that can move through the area at particular times of the year. We’ve been seeing more of that lately due to unpredictable weather patterns, especially during hurricane season.

Timberline Tree and Landscape Inc. will provide you fast, dependable service if a lightning strike or high winds bring down trees anywhere on your property. We can also deal with large branches that fall off and are too large and cumbersome for you to move on your own.

You won’t find any other tree care specialist in the Northeastern corner of the state with our aptitude for tree care and landscaping. In addition to fallen trees, we can also remove any stumps that are getting in the way of your landscaping efforts.

You can also call on us if you need someone to get rid of a tree that’s sick with blight or is growing in such a way that it endangers your property or that of your neighbors. You can contact us if you need an assessment because you feel a tree might cause you problems in the future.

Our certified arborists are here to help, and we always respond rapidly when our clients have a tree emergency. For more information, contact us at your convenience.