Keep Your Trees Green and Healthy

A man in a crane cutting down a tree.

Call Us for Tree Pruning Services in Westchester & Rockland County NY; Bergen County, NJ; & Fairfield County, CT

Are you aware of the health of your trees? If your trees aren’t maintained properly, they can be a threat to  your property. Regular tree pruning is important to correct small growth problems before they become large problems. Tree pruning is a science, and those without proper training can cause irreversible damage to your trees. Contact Timberline’s team of experts to get your trees properly pruned.

Types of Pruning Offered

  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown raising
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown restoration
  • Vista pruning
  • Hazardous/dead limb removal

Reasons to Prune

  • Safety to the people and property around the tree
  • Tree health
  • Additional sunlight to surrounding landscapes and property
  • Limbs interfering with wires and structures
  • Overall tree maintenance
  • Influencing fruit or flower production

Our tree care specialists at Timberline Tree & Landscape are versed in the proper use of cabling and bracing to reduce the risk of failure. With these systems in place the result is gorgeous, healthy trees that can enhance and/or protect your landscape.