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It was a while back, but right after a big storm a massive tree fell in our yard. Of course Timberline very busy beginning the next day and it looked as if there would be a pretty long wait until they could come out and remove it. However, once they realized that the tree split our daughter’s swingset in pieces, we were put toward the top of the list. I thought that was a nice touch. To top it off, the guys did an excellent job. I don’t think we even saw a leaf after the removal.I highly recommend this company.

Nana G.

Great people, very efficient and saved me a ton of money… they spent a lot less time at my house than anticipated, and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg!

Andrew Winnick

Ben gave me a reasonable quote after shopping around. The guys did an amazing job removing an oak tree over the roof and pruning three other trees.The whole process was like watching a movie. Everything went very smooth as expected and every debris was cleaned. I have two other trees to be removed. Ben will be in touch soon. I highly recommend Timberline for their professionalism. Thanks


I’ve had various tree services in my 33 years living in my house. This is the best one so far. In the last 20 years, with all the wet weather, we realized we had a major locust tree infestation that got out of control. I’m amazed at how many trees they removed in one day. I did not think they could do it, but they did. They also came in lower than any other company I’ve used for the amount of trees they removed. It was quite impressive. I guess when you retire, you look around and say… oh my, we weren’t paying attention. Yeah, it was that bad. I think every few years we’ll just have to have them come in and hack back locust trees. We have heavily wooded property. They say in their contract that they do not fix ruts left by the trucks. They might fix that if you pay for it, but I’m not sure. In our case it doesn’t matter, since we need a lot more work done on the property and things will get worse before they get better. Highly recommended company. I’m looking forward to working with them again to get my property in shape.


As promised! They zoomed out to my house when a tree from the forest that abuts my property fell onto my back lawn. Cut it up and took it away within hours. I actually had to chase them down to pay them because they were so busy helping people after the storm. Really nice down to earth company. Thank you Timberline!

Zev Lewinson

Thanks for the great work!

Stephan Brown

Timberline was contracted to do a huge job which involved cutting down approximately 15 Pine Trees and an enormous Poplar and Tulip tree. They showed up on time and were professional throughout the job. Steve was responsive to all of my calls and questions. All and all excellent experience.

Nikitas Nicolakis

My neighbor and I contracted Timberline to take down some major trees and limbs (major ones!). We worked with Ben, the pricing was good. It was a bit hard to get scheduling updates from Ben (he’s a busy guy) but he and his crew showed up exactly when they were supposed to and did 100% of the contract work which took an entire day. I recommend being present just to confirm the scope of work simply because sometimes specialty tasks can be lost in translation. These guys were 100%. I expected a good job and they outperformed. They cleaned up so well too. The crew got tips… haven’t seen guys work that hard in a long time. The guy who climbs the trees is an artist. Nice work Timberline!

Ken M.

Timberline took down a huge Silver Maple of mine that could not be reached by bucket truck. Instead a climber surgically removed limbs over a period of hours to get the tree down completely and safely. It was amazing to watch — he was precise and careful. It went perfectly. They removed the huge limbs and trunk by truck and repaired the lawn sufficiently. They were professional from start to finish!

Elizabeth Chapman

Incredible service. They provided a very reasonable estimate the same day I called; and got to work the next day. Their crew was friendly, responsive, fast and efficient; taking care to not damage the trees near the ones being removed. Lastly, the cleanup work afterward (which was a lot for 7 large trees and ground stumps) was impeccable! Definitely recommend.

Samantha Osowski

Timberlilne has done our tree work or years. Their work is excellent and the prices fair. they are our first call for tree work. They have an arborist on staff for expert problem assessment.

Tom Hogan

Timberline came out the next day to give an estimate and was able to do the job within a couple days. They were prompt, efficient, did a great job and cleaned up very well. I would definitely recommend them!

Diane Keefe

We had two large trees on our property that my wife was afraid would fall on our house in the next severe storm. We checked out three different companies and found Timberline to have the best price. They did an excellent job in removing both trees with their stumps and even stacked some firewood for me. They cleaned up afterwards and the job was completed in less time that I expected.

Rich M.

Great value, professional and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Faith F.

A+ service. They came immediately to give an estimate, and then started work less than a day later. It was a very challenging job with obstructions on three sides of the tree. They sent a full crew and were done in an hour for what I expected to be a full day’s job. Yard is clean, and I never had a worry.

Anthony I.

Professional service at a respectable price. Timberline arrived when they said they would, took down my trees trimmed others and cleaned up completely. I recommend their service.

Patrick R.

Excellent experience taking down a HUGE tree and removing two stumps. Painless. Fast. Fair price.

Alex M.

They arrived on time and did a nice job of tree, shrub and brush removal. They had us come out to see what they had done. We pointed out some things we felt should be done better and they took care of it. We were happy to have the corner of the yard cleaned up so we could do something with it.

Tammy K.

Extremely professional and completed our work quickly at a fair price

Tom K.

The best fire wood in Rockland county. We purchased a wood stove last year and have bought some wood from competitors and it doesn’t equal up. Thx u for the product and the service.

Chris M.

I accidentally called this place in reference to a concern I had seen on the road. The truck in question was not theirs (they are in NY and I am in NC). I had left a message sharing my concern, but left no return number. They made the effort to find my phone number, call me back, and determine what my concern was. I am so impressed with the due diligence of this company. If I were in NY, they would have earned my business from this action alone.

Lisa W.

Timberline showed up within two hours of our contacting them and provided an estimate on the spot. They returned two days later to safely and carefully removed enormous trees on our property and completed the job with great skill and professionalism. I would recommend Timberline without hesitation.

Melissa F.

Timberline is fantastic! I have hired Timberline many times over many years and recommended them to friends and neighbors. For each job, large or small, they are professional, reliable and a pleasure to do business with.

Johanne W.

We were delighted with the advice we received and the work that was performed by Timberline Tree and Landscape. They are professional, safe and efficient. It is incredible how they can maneuver around complicated work areas to get the job done. It’s easy to call them up and make an appointment and they are timely and reliable. The guys are super nice and amazing to watch. We have recommended them to our friends and neighbors, and will definitely use again.

Suzanne H.

I had my overgrown huge trees trimmed and pruned with extreme satisfaction. Not only were the crew nice, respectful, and hard working; but their work quality is perfect!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. I highly recommend this company. And just fyi Iโ€™m a very particular person and not easy to impress usually.

Chris Ferrarese

We hired Timberline to remove several trees (some very large) and the crew did an amazing job. They were polite and considerate and very hard working. Their work ethic is unrivaled. They were extremely professional and courteous. A joy to have around. Highly recommend and would definitely hire them again!


Just had a 60 foot double trunked tree removed and some additional areas pruned. The Timberline team arrived on schedule, and were courteous and efficient. They were respectful of me and my property. I highly recommend this company.

Susan Smith

I highly recommend Timberline, they did an amazing job! I called for an estimate, spoke to the owner that day and he met with me the following day to review what I wanted done on the property and give an estimate.
I love that the owner came out, and he was an Arbirist! He basically gave me a health report on the trees on my property (didnt ask for it- bonus!), which ones were going to fall over despite looking healthy because the middle of the tree had tree rot, which branches shouldnโ€™t be cut because I was having too much cut from the tree and that would likely kill the tree, etc. On the work day, the staff was very efficient and employed all the proper safety measures (thatโ€™s my fulltime job!) and did a fabulous job of deciding what other smaller branches to cut to clean up property. They left nothing behind and there was no signs of them even being there, including from a stump removal. You wouldn’t even know there was a tree missing where they removed a ginormous tree and its stump, amazing!
They are very highly recommended! I eill definitely use them again to cut my troubled trees down.


Thanks John Rreeves Great job great crew, could not be more happier.

joe broking

Timberline Tree & Landscape, a complete and professional company. John and crew from survey, quote, scheduling
were organized, efficient, and respectful. Nice work. I would call Timberline again and recommend their services.
Thank you, Paul I

Paul Insinga

The estimator (John Reeves) was timely, professional and knowledgeable. He even told me not to do some of the pruning I thought I needed. The entire property needed work and he walked the property, took his time explaining the needs and made It fully understandable. The team that showed up was five star. Worked nonstop, were extremely courteous and professional and estimate to a new clean property was a week. Thanks!!

Thomas Spillane

I had Timberline remove 6 large dead ash and cherry trees. They were very respectful to all my wishes and did very thorough and clean job. I would recommend them for any work you need done.

Christopher NMN Boyle

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